Friday, August 8, 2014

Trying Hard but Wearing an Unexpected Costume

August 8 is Severe M.E. and Remembrance Day.  A couple of PwMEs cooked up this plan to raise awareness:

All set to take a selfie for this dress thing, I reached into the back of my closet.  I was surprised to discover that I no longer own any little black dresses.

Thinking back, I sold them years ago and have since been too ill to attend the kind of events that require black dresses, so have not replaced them. Also, it's so far from my reality at this point I had completely forgotten. The reason the black dress was chosen for this project is that it's considered a staple item of every woman's wardrobe. (And some men too. C'mon, guys, wear a black dress for the cause!)

My little adventure of reaching for the essential and ubiquitous black dress and finding I do not have one is a perfect illustration of the way this illness bends our experience and reality. My illness is getting in the way of my taking  part in the awareness-raising activities for my illness! Which is also  entirely emblematic and true to form of M.E.

I did find the Gothic costume dress I irreverently wore to prom in 1998. Benefits of moving back into one's childhood room. This dress is old enough to apply for a driver license in California and the seams are not happy about it being pressed back into service. Today is not an occasion on which I want to be irreverent. But here it is,  the only black dress I own:

The necklace is too long and they eyeliner uneven. I'm rusty at these basic outside-the-house skills like accessorizing and make-up. Again, a perfect display for an M.E.

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